Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Comet Night!

It was Comet Night for my Astronomy Club from L'Anse Creuse North HS! What a bunch of troupers. We trekked to Grosse Pointe North HS to collaborate with the RATZ (Radio Astronomy Telescope) club, headed by my mentor and friend, Ardis Herrold.
Astro Club fuel = pizza!

Here she is near the end of the night, giving her wonderful comet demo. 
A little Pepsi, some cat litter, a little ammonia...

...a little dry ice , and voila! Comet city!!

Meanwhile my super troupers had been entertaining the ranks with all sorts of hijinks. The girls face painted...

I see a theme here...
Ready to go!

The boys helped the attendees make origami stars and comet flip books. 
Ready to fold!

Origami stars take patience!

There were also comet models to be made...
Glittery comets with shiny tinsel tails! 
It was a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed it.

Big kids had fun too!
But the "star" of the show was poor "Mr. Comet!"
I say poor only because the costume was mostly my doing, though he was happy enough to wear the saggy thing! Talk about a real trouper!
Losing the tail...
I couldn't be prouder of my Astro Clubbers! 
Fun was had by all, and some money was raised for our sister club, the Ratz. We never did see the comet though, since Comet Pan Staars never made it to celebrity-hood. Maybe next year we'll throw the party for Comet Ison. Stay Tuned!