Sunday, October 10, 2010

Radio Wave Tan!

I dunno if you can get a "tan" from radio waves like you can from UV, but they sure got into my head!

Astro-geeks! Teachers, college and high school.

I sure did get a kick out of our trip to the top of the 100 meter dish- here's me hamming it up- not quite as bad as when I was "lounging" on the Stonehenge stones...but that's ancient history (tee hee!)!

We actually did some research at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Greenbank, West Virgina. The high school and college students had the first night and part of the second- but as the glow from the excitement of pulling all-nighters and trying to stay awake all day faded, they dropped like flies, and the adults in the group had some room in the tiny odoriferous hamster-cage control room under the ten meter. I felt like Laura Ingalls in the little dugout room, but Laura Ingalls never got data from a hydrogen cloud in our galaxy, and she never was able to decipher its motion! (unlike me!)